Lunch Specials 10am – 3pm


Springfield’s on Deakin Licenced Restaurant


Small Restaurant – Big on Service

Lunch Specials 11am – 2pm


House Made Gourmet Tart $14.00

Sweet Potato, Fetta and Chorizo Gourmet tart served with a Garden Salad


Springfield’s Fish & Chips $18.00

Crispy Battered Flathead served with Chunky Steakhouse Fries, Chefs Tartar Sauce,

Side Salad and a Lemon Wedge


Salt & Pepper Calamari (GF) $20.00

Chef’s own Recipe Deep Fried Calamari coated in Flavoured Chickpea Flour

Served with a side Salad, Chunky Steakhouse Fries, Chef’s Tartar Sauce and a Lemon Wedge


Vegetarian Spring Rolls $14.50

3 spring rolls on an Asian slaw with toasted Sesame Seeds and

Sweet Chilli Sauce



Springfields Salads

Warm Honey Soy Chicken Caesar Salad $18.50

Cos Lettuce, Spanish onion, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes,

Shaved Parmesan Cheese, Smokey Sugar Cured Bacon,

Tender Chicken Thighs cooked in a Honey, Soy, & Garlic Sauce,

Topped with Egg, Croutons & Caesar Dressing


Pork Bites & Rocket $18.00

with Walnuts, Fetta Cheese & Pear Slices


Springfields Sumer Waldorf Salad $18.00

Made with Peaches, Celery, Toasted Caramelised Walnuts


Chicken & Pasta $18.00

Tossed with Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion, Cucumber in a mild Peri Peri Dressing



Springfield’s Grilled Sandwiches on Your Choice of Bread (G/F)

The Big Steak Sandwich (GF) $22.00

Fillet Steak, Caramelized Onion Jam, Cheese, Vine Ripened Tomato,

Cos Lettuce, Aioli and BBQ Sauce on Toasted Garlic Buttered Turkish roll

With a side of Chunky Steakhouse Fries


Ever Popular, B.L.T. (GF) $18.50

Smokey Sugar Cured Bacon, Vine Ripened Tomato, Cos Lettuce with Dijon Mayo

On Toasted Garlic Buttered Turkish


Roast Meat, Pickle and Cheese Toasties (GF) $14.00

Roast Lamb, Pickled Chutney, Thick sliced tomato, Cos Lettuce with Aioli on Toasted Bread


Ham, Salad Sandwich $14.00

Ham of the bone, Thick sliced tomato, Slice of Cheese, Cos Lettuce

Kiwi Style Home made mayo

On fresh thick cut white or mixed grain bread


Everyone’s Old Favourite (GF) $9.50

Ham, Cheese & Tomato



Children’s Menu

includes a soft drink or juice (up to Age 9) - $12


Lunch Only

Ham, Cheese toasted sandwich


Vegemite & cheese toasted sandwich



Crispy Battered Flathead & Chips

One piece of Fish, Chunky Steakhouse Fries with Sauce


Crumbed Chicken Fingers

Chunky Steakhouse Fries & Tomato Sauce


Aunty B’s Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti and Meatballs cooked in a homemade

Tomato & fresh herbs Sauce

topped with shaved Parmesan cheese.