Springfield’s Café is open from 7am – 5pm 

Springfield’s Restaurant is open from 5.30pm 

Dinner Menu From 5:30pm 


Cheesy Garlic Bread (V) $10 

Mozzarella Cheese, Garlic Butter on Turkish Bread 


Seeded Mustard Bread (V) $10 

Mozzarella Cheese, Seeded Mustard Butter on Turkish Bread 

 Bruschetta (V) $12 

Freshly cut Tomatoes, Fetta, Crushed Garlic, Olive Oil, Balsamic Glaze 

Bacon Bruschetta $15  

Freshly cut Tomato, Basil, Bacon, Rocket & Caesar Dressing    

 Baked Brie Bites $12 

Pastry Bite filled with Honey Cured Bacon, Cranberry Jelly, Pecans 




Prawn Cocktail $15 (G) 

Large Juicy Prawns on a bed of Coz Lettuce, sweet red onion slices, 

Cherry tomato and chef’s own seafood dressing 


Prawn & Chorizo Skewers (3) $13 

Juicy Prawns, Sliced Chorizo served with sweet chill sauce 


Smashed Potato (2) $14.80 (GF) 

Crème Fraiche and Salmon (GF) 


Glazed Meatballs $14.50 

With our special fried rice 


Vegetarian Spring Rolls $14 (V) 

On an Asian style slaw with toasted Sesame Seeds, 

served with a Sweet Chilli Sauce 




 Pork Bites & Rocket $18.00 

with Walnuts, Fetta Cheese & Pear Slices 


Springfields Sumer Waldorf Salad $18.00 (GV) 

Made with Peaches, Celery, Toasted Caramelised Walnuts, Apple Slices and Local Grapes 


Chicken & Pasta $18.00 

Tossed with Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion, Cucumber in a mild Peri Peri Dressing 



Springfields Classic Meals 


Australian Ham off the Bone $24.00 

New Baby Potatoes, Mint Peas, Salad 

& Kiwi Home-made Mayo 


Seasoned Australian Roast Lamb $24.00 

New Potato, Minted Green Peas & Vegetables 


Succulent and Juicy Pork Chops $28.00 

Cranberry & Apple Sauce with Vegetables  


Salt & Pepper Calamari $28.00 (G) 

Chef’s own recipe of Deep-Fried Calamari, coated in a Flavoured Seasoning, 

served with a side Salad, Chunky Steakhouse Fries, Chef’s Tartar Sauce and a Lemon Wedge 


Springfield’s Fish & Chips $27.00 

Crispy Battered Flathead served with Chunky Steakhouse Fries, 

Chef’s Tartar Sauce & a Lemon Wedge 


Chicken Schnitzel $24.00 

Served with Chunky Steakhouse Fries and a Side Salad 


Chicken Parmigiana $28.00 

Napoli sauce, Shaved Ham and our special blend of Parma Cheese 


Springfields Main Plate  

Lamb Loin Chops $34.00 

From our friends across the border come our juicy Lamb Loin Chops 

Served with Steakhouse Fries, Side Salad or Vegetables  


Angus Scotch Fillet Steak $41.00 

Big Steakhouse Fries, and Salad or Vegetables  


BBQ Salmon $35.00 

Crispy Skinned Pan Fried served with Special Fried Rice and Side Salad 


Mixed Grill $59.00 

3 Prawns, Lamb Loin Chop, Bacon Rasher, 2 Sausages, 

 Grilled Chicken Thigh, served with Steakhouse Fries and salad  


Sauces $3.00 ea. 

Gravy, Peppercorn, Dianne, Creamy Mushroom