$14.00 each 



Christmas Fruit Muffin 

Full of fruit with Brandy Custard and Ice cream 



Smashed Pavlova 

With Layers of Chantilly Cream, Mango, Kiwi fruit & Passionfruit 



Chocolate Sponge soaked in Coffee Liquor 

Layered with creamy mascarpone, topped off with chocolate shavings 



Creamy Baileys & Mascarpone Brandy Snaps 

Brandy Snaps filled with a Creamy Bailey & Mascarpone 

Served with a scatter of fresh berries & a dusting of icing sugar 



Springfields Banana Split 

Served with ice cream, your Choice of topping 

(Chocolate, Strawberry or Caramel) 

Finished with a sprinkle of Pistachio nuts